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What sex position does she want more of?


That’s a difficult question. It’s difficult because women are complicated creatures, that don’t like to share what they think. They want you to guess it.

Let me make it simple for you! You can guess it using two ways. Each one is going to involve some effort from your part, but the end result will get you two in the sheets very often.

The first way will require some direct communication with your lady. If you are lucky enough, this will be the easy way out. You can find out directly from her what brings her to orgasm faster, or what position brings her more pleasure than the rest. If you are willing to listen, and then play along with what she desires, you’ll hit the jackpot. Your lady may be more of a sex addict than you think. But usually women will only open up to the right person that uses the right approach.

That’s why the convenience of adult services in Brisbane is so desired. You have no effort to put in when it comes to finding out what prostitutes in Brisbane enjoy more. They are very open about their sexual cravings. If she’s a doggy-style kind of girl, she’ll let you know immediately and the effortless way she can arch her back all the way down is going to make you love that position. Brothels like Cleos On Nile can become sex training schools for you. Here you can learn how to use the second way of finding out what sex position she wants more of.

This second way is all about reading body language. Even though not a lot of women realize this, they are saying more than they could imagine using only their body language. Women will usually start off by massaging their own breasts, or arching their back low when they’re in front of you, it’s easy to guess extremely sensitive parts of their body, and even favourite sex positions. That’s why this second method is very effective if you pay attention to her every move in bed. She’ll often unconsciously touch parts of her body that she wants you to pay more attention to. She’ll get on the bed, or kitchen counter, or living room table, exactly like she wants you to give it to her. If she’s ready to put her legs on your shoulders you have to submit to her desire, if she she’s going to put her legs around your waist you should pick her up and have sex in a standing position, and so on.

Whatever method you choose to use, to find out her favourite sex position, learn to always encourage her to share more. Communication is not always about feelings. It’s about raw sex as well. If your own communication skills, when it comes to sex, are a bit rusty, you can practice all you’ve learned with prostitues working in various brothels across Brisbane. You can spend some time with gorgeous girls that are inhibition-free. You can ask for whatever your body craves. This will help you in your private performances. Your lady can get the same benefits directly from you. When she can tell that you’re going to listen to her desires, and focus on satisfying them, she’s going to want more of it!