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In sex as in life: a how-to on keeping women happy

How to keep women happy

If someone had a dollar for every time a man asked ‘what do women actually want?’ they’d be absolutely rolling in it. The thing is, it’s actually not that complicated! What seems to go misunderstood and unsaid is that keeping women happy in a broader sense is pretty deeply connected to keeping them happy when it comes to sex. Luckily, as the top of the top when it comes to brothels, Brisbane, we know a thing or two about women, and a thing or three about women and sex. So, here are our top tips:

Listen, listen, listen

Listen, and do it carefully. Flatter than usual tone? Something’s probably up. Keeps bringing up that one, particular pair of earrings she saw? She probably wants them. She says ‘it’s fine’? It’s probably not fine.

Women are all over the non-verbal, implied communication game, and that’s before we even get onto double meanings! Take note of her body language, and if she’s asking something that seems a little random and off-beat, have a quick think to work out if she could be hinting to something else.

Don’t panic though – once you actually start paying attention to how women communicate, you’ll be on top of it in no time, and one step closer to being on top of her! Women love to be heard (who would have thought!) and understood, so do those two things and she’ll appreciate it all the more.

Remember, those non-verbal cues don’t just pop up in conversation, they’re at play in the bedroom too. Women are more likely to give subtle hints than glaring indications as to what they do and don’t like while going at it.

Be affectionate

If you’re with us (physically, in a relationship, emotionally), we want you to show it. Don’t save all your kisses and touching for sex. Make a habit of kissing just because, giving hugs and holding hands. You don’t have to go overboard – just a few simple gestures are enough!

When women are feeling truly appreciated and loved outside of the bedroom, they’re more likely to open up and really get things going inside the bedroom!

Don’t do things you said you wouldn’t

Plain. And. Simple. Unsurprisingly, women don’t like being lied to. This one speaks for itself, in general life and in sex.

Slow it down

Ok, this one’s pretty bedroom focussed. It takes women much longer to get enough blood flow to the genitals to really make sex pleasurable, so stick in it for the long haul. If you’re receptive to what she’s communicating about what she does and doesn’t like (don’t forget those non-verbal clues!), then it shouldn’t take long before you both really hit your stride.

Have a few ideas

One thing women often say is that they’d like their partner to come up with more ideas for things to do – both sexually and romantically. Even if it’s just a simple dinner and movie, she’ll be grateful you took the initiative and made some plans. She’ll be appreciative, so that post-date sex could be the perfect time to introduce a few of the more intimate ideas you’ve got!

So there you have it. Our top tips on keeping women happy. Of course, if it all sounds too hard, why not pop by for a no strings attached rendezvous at Cleos On Nile? We’re the most elite, quality and exciting Brisbane brothel, so you can guarantee you’re in for a good time. If you’re looking to take a break from trying to make women happy, why not let one (or more) of our beautiful ladies make you happy instead?