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Is it really working in your bedroom?


Sometimes it can be hard to admit: things really aren’t working in the bedroom. We’re not talking about a week or two where you’ve both been busy, or those initial awkward phases of new romance or an encounter where no one was really in a state to know if it was working or not (we’ve all been there…). No. We’re talking that growing sense that it’s not quite right, full-blown lacklustre evenings and orgasms that are nowhere to be seen. But how do you know if it’s just a phase or if, deep down, you’re dealing with a straight up incompatibility. Here are six signs you and your sexual partner might not be the right fit:

1) You mainly feel uncomfortable

Everyone’s felt some level of discomfort at some stage of their sexually active lives, but if your current partner is consistently leaving you feeling uncomfortable about your body, your abilities, or just physically, it might be time to re-evaluate.

2) You’re faking it

For the ladies: if you’re faking it pretty much every time (and you have been for a long time), then ask yourself – is it really going to get better?

3) You couldn’t be bothered with honesty

Sometimes, your partner tries something that just doesn’t work, and that’s fine! However, if you find yourself a) not really caring that it’s not working, and b) not really bothering to let your partner know, then there’s probably a high chance you and that partner aren’t going to last long.

4) You’re not willing to work for it

This one will depend on where you’re at in life and where you’re at in your relationship with your partner. If you’re a 20-something with a new and exciting partner, you’re probably more than ready to put in a bit of work (if steamy sex can count as work!). If you’re a bit longer in the tooth with a few more responsibilities and a more than familiar partner, you’ll be well aware: sometimes sex means effort. If you’re not willing to put in this effort, do you actually want the sex?

5) You’re only focussed on the end result, not the game

To be frank about it, everyone likes an orgasm. No matter how hard we try though, sometimes it’s just not happening. If reaching the big O is all you and/or your partner are interested in (and there’s no joy in the process, the foreplay or the intimacy) then you might want to reconsider if you’re task-like view of doing the deed is really passing the test.

6) Your kinks and fetishes make your partner squirm

This can be a big killer. There’s nothing worse than having that one kink, move or word that really gets you going thrown back in your face. If your partner won’t hear you out on what you like, then it might be time for a long hard look at where you guys are heading. If your partner actively shames and disrespects you for what you’re into, it might be time to run for the hills!

If you feel like you and your partner might be sliding down a slippery slope of sexual dissatisfaction, don’t worry! Why not try our tips on spicing things up in the bedroom or introducing the odd toy? You’ll be amazed at the big impacts a small change can have! As Brisbane’s best brothel, we know a thing or two about the bedroom, so trust our tips and let the magic happen, or drop by for an experience of your choosing. Our beautiful, professional ladies are always compatible!