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Why communication is key in any and every bedroom

Communication during sex


Whether it’s you and someone you’ve just met, you and a friend-with-benefits, you and your spouse of ten years or you and one of the best adult entertainers in Brisbane, communicating in the bedroom is always key to having a good time. It doesn’t matter how you got there, communicating and listening are vital to your sexual encounter’s success.

Let’s face it: for most of us, mid-sex chat isn’t our favourite activity, even if we’re not particularly enjoying what our partner is doing. But the sooner we accept that at some point we’re all going to have some awkward conversations, the sooner we can get on with things! Here are our top tips for keeping things at their best in the bedroom:

Always ask

Don’t just wait for your partner to come to you with a sexual problem, get proactive! This shows you care that they’re enjoying themselves, gives you a platform to raise anything you want to, and keeps communication channels open in general. Who knows, you might even get a few creative ideas by keeping the conversation flowing!

Give each other a hand

Communicating isn’t just about talking – your whole body’s involved. Whether it’s through sound, movement or touch, you can tell your partner a whole lot without using many words. Do what feels right-if something’s working for you, show it! You’d be surprised how far a wriggle here or a moan there will go when it comes to letting your partner know you’re enjoying yourself. Also, feel free to let your hands to the talking: if your partner is almost, but not quite, in the right spot, guiding them with your own hand is an easy way to get things back on track. As an added bonus, many people also find this non-verbal communication less threatening to initiate as well.

Keep it positive

When it comes to our performance in the bedroom, most of us need positive reinforcement. That said, there’s no reason constructive criticism can’t play a role too. Don’t even think about letting out an “ew, gross”, or a “…what are you doing?”, as comments like these are a sure-fire way to cause your partner to get defensive, feel hurt and even stop wanting to participate. Sandwich constructive criticism between positive reassurances, and make sure you’re let your partner know if there’s something that’s really working for you.

However, there are some who are more experienced and more comfortable when it comes to communication in the boudoir, and all ladies working at Cleos On Nile are among them. As one of the leading providers of adult services and adult entertainment in Brisbane, we’ve had just about every bedroom conversation under the sun. So, take our tips on board or come in and practice with a professional – and have a one-of-a-kind experience while you’re at it!