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Adult Toys in Your Own Home


My partner has always been resourceful when it comes to having fun in the bedroom. It seems as if nothing is off limits when it comes to the use of day to day objects in our foreplay, and sometimes even during the act itself. Some of the best sexual experiences of our lives have involved the old root vegetable or occasionally the washing machine when its vibrating gently against our naked bodies with our clothes tumbling inside. In this post I will share with you some of the ways in which we spiced up our love life, not with expensive adult toys purchased at a store, but using our creativity. Your partner is sure to appreciate your resourcefulness too.

The kitchen has a wide range of items that we have utilised with making love, one of my favourites being vegetables. I always stock the house with a wide range of veggies and he knows exactly how to use them to make me moan with pleasure. The first time we were kissing passionately on the kitchen bench when I saw his gaze wander to the carrots I had laid out for our dinner that night. He grabbed one of the thicker ones and wrapped a condom around it before he slipped it inside me. Who needs a dildo when you have carrots?

From that his fascination grew. We found that the cool, smooth metal spoons felt great against the most sensitive areas. Another favourite of mine was always executing our desires on top of the washing machine while it was on spin cycle. The vibrations felt unbelievably hot beneath me. Anything that was smooth enough was considered. At one point, we even took out the hairbrush, wrapping a condom around the end and gliding it inside, the sensation sent shivers up my spine.

For those of you who enjoy BDSM, as we do, there are plenty of implements that can be used to give your lover a tender, pink bottom from a light spanking. Starting in the kitchen again, we first tried the spatula. From there, he moved on to using twisted tea towels, flicking my behind with them, leaving it pink and blushing. The tea towels can double as a gag or blindfold, as I soon found out. There was nothing lying around that we would not consider when making love. It made the need for sex so much more powerful, more exciting.

Hopefully this post has given you some new and exciting ideas for things that can enhance and improve your sex life at home. There are so many adult toys that exist in your home already, just waiting for you to discover them.

I hope you enjoyed my post about the ways in which you can utilise everyday items as adult toys and be sure to check out some other posts at Brisbane's finest brothel for more tips and stories about the exploration of fetish and sexuality.