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Role Player – 6 ways to bring fun into your bedroom

Role Player

If things have been a little lackluster in the bedroom lately, don’t despair – you may just need to spice things up a little! Being a role player  in the bedroom is a way to do just that. It might seem a little daunting and even awkward at first, but if you both commit to playing out the given situation, you could be in for the ride of your life!

As the leading high end brothel in Brisbane, we at Cleos On Nile know a thing or two about being a role player. Here are a few options to get you started, and who knows: you might like it so much you whip up a few scenarios of your own!

Professor - Student

This is a classic. Just about all of us had that one teacher that we wouldn’t have minded getting to know a little more, so why not make that magic happen with your partner now? Sort out who’s playing who and make it a lesson neither of you will forget.


This can be a pretty easy entry level scenario, as all the actual acting involves is some sexy clothes removal! Take it to another level by investing in something lacy and racy, then put on your favourite sexy song and get moving.

Boss - Employee

If you’ve ever had a boss that was easy on the eye, you might’ve wished you worked a little more directly under them. The great thing about this role play is it works perfectly well with either party filling either role. Are you ready to earn your raise?


This is another classic. We’ve all heard tales of stuck-at-home wives seducing the hot repair guy, and there’s a reason this situation’s so popular! ‘Get a man in’ to clean your pipes, or get creative and reverse the roles. No matter how you go about this one, you’ll definitely both end up with a good service.

Nurse - Patient

Are you suddenly in need of some urgent medical attention? Let your partner conduct a thorough examination and find the cure that works just for you. Once again, no matter who plays nurse, doctor or patient, this scenario is sure to get you the care you’re looking for.

Escort - Client

This is one we’re very, very familiar with! Let your imagination run wild as you pretend your partner is there to grant your every wish and bring your wildest desires to life. You might be surprised where your mind goes!

We’re more than happy to help when it comes to acting out role plays, and all our professional ladies know exactly what they’re doing. Cleo’s is Brisbane’s best brothel, so why not come in and let us show you how it’s done? In the meantime, be sure to use these tips to add a bit of mystery and whole lot of sexy to your own bedroom!