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10 Sex Fantasies That Make Multiple Orgasms Happen 25.08.2015

10 Sex Fantasies That Make Multiple Orgasms Happen

Assuming that women don’t engage in creating sexually arousing scenarios is a rookie mistake! Truth be told, even the hopelessly romantic ladies have a naughty side. She may appreciate a candle-light dinner, but don’t be so sure that she’s only into “vanilla sex”. We’ve gathered the 10 most popular female sex fantasies, which are proven to be responsible for the multiple-orgasms phenomenon!

#10: The Tempting Stranger-Danger

The mystery factor of being swept off her feet by a stranger in a bar or club allows any lady to disregard any inhibitions when it comes to sex. She’ll go all in since she has nothing to lose, only something to prove!

# 9: Swinging

This female sex fantasy is all about having access to an overload of sensations and experiences. Experiencing the penetration, the touch, and the desire of several men and women, all at once, will over-stimulate her senses, bringing her to complete satisfaction!

# 8: Dominatrix

Although being man-handled can be extremely pleasurable, many women admit that being the one that dominates for once is a very arousing sex fantasy! The fantasy often includes: spanking, teasing the man to an unbearable degree, thus forcing him to beg for release, and giving him very precise instructions on how to satisfy her.

# 7: Exhibitionism

Being the focus of one’s desire while pleasuring herself, or while having sex with her partner, gives many women an extra boost to achieving the big O faster, and even making the orgasm more intense. Apparently teasing a bystander with her own arousal is what makes this experience one of the best female fantasies!

# 6: The Submissive One

As opposed to #8, playing the role of the submissive lover is another fantasy that turns casual sex into a sexually enticing experience. This fantasy includes two different approaches: one where the lady obeys her master’s most outrageous demands without question and one where she resists him, thus provoking him to punish her!

# 5: Threesome

If you’re foolish enough to think that this is a fantasy that only men have, then think again! The majority of women fantasize about exploring a female body, other than their own. Touching, licking, biting, and stimulating another soft and delicate body, while enjoying a man’s presence as well, is considered a delightful erotic fantasy.

# 4: Role-playing as a Prostitute/Stripper

While not many women would give up their day-jobs for this kind of activity, the sexual fantasy that includes role-playing as either a stripper, or a prostitute is popular among the ladies! These fantasies include: doing extra services for a client that’s willing to leave a big tip, and getting into some alley-way action in a rich man’s car.

# 3: Double-penetration

This sex fantasy usually revolves around the presence of two men that simultaneously stimulate her. Although some women will emphasize getting pampered by two men, others take it further, with double-penetration as the top-notch level of excitement. This fantasy highlights the fact that women can be just as creative when it comes to sex games as men are. Getting cunnilingus from one guy and having the other nibbling on her nipples is just the foreplay!

# 2: Strap-on for a Role Exchange

This one’s all about feeling empowered, and getting to be the one that penetrates! If you’re willing to allow your lady to give you all she’s got, the thought of having you in a vulnerable position will give her a mind-blowing orgasm! Wearing a strap-on and getting the rush of adrenaline when making a man come while penetrating him is thought to be amazing by most uninhibited women!

# 1: Rape me!

You might think that it’s impossible for a woman to purposely ask you to rape her, but given the right circumstances (making it a role-play and having a safe-word), it can lead to an amazing rush of adrenaline and pleasure. Orgasms are guaranteed! Rip off her clothes, man-handle her, and don’t ask for permission to touch her clitoris while you’re pinning her against the wall! That’s what she’s looking for if the rape fantasy is one of her favorites!

Use safe-words to make sure this experience stays orgasmic, and doesn’t turn into something it isn’t supposed to. No means No even when acting on a fantasy!