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Four reasons why a brothel beats tinder every time

Four reasons why a brothel beats tinder every time


There’s no denying it, the rise and rise of technology has had big impacts on how people work, and the sex industry is no exception. When tinder exploded onto the market, it opened up a whole new avenue for sex and hook-ups. But can a Tinder encounter really compare to a visit to a high-end brothel? The answer is no.

While tinder can be a great place to find some cheesy pick-up lines (or some downright offensive ones), but it’s less likely you’ll find an intimate, high-class, mind-blowing experience that you’ll never forget. That’s what’s guaranteed at a high-end brothel, like Cleos On Nile on Nile in Brisbane, that’s nothing but class!

1. Safety and hygiene

Safety is paramount when it comes to sexual interactions, and it’s something that’s guaranteed when visiting an establishment like Cleos On Nile. As an establishment, we take hygiene very seriously, and provide facilities like showers, deodorant and mouthwash. Not only that, you can count on all our girls being in perfect sexual health. No awkward chats trying to work out when your partner’s last sexual health check-up was!

2. Clarity

Speaking of awkward conversations, it’s probably not best practice to ask your Tinder buddy to jump straight into your wildest sexual fantasies (especially those that are a little left-of-centre). Professionals, like ladies at Cleos On Nile, will happily hear your deepest desires, and see how they can be worked into a mind-blowing encounter. Don’t wrestle with whether or not you should make that specific request or pull a special move out of the bag. Let a professional take you exactly where you want to go.

3. Privacy

Tinder might be famous for many things, but discretion isn’t one of them. Should a tinder date go well, you and that lucky someone have each-others’ contact details so you can continue your cute, chats and more of those cheesy pickup lines. Great! Not so great, though, if you’re only there for a quick encounter, and the other party is looking for something a little more. Cue texts, calls and maybe a casual Facebook message. A special night with a professional has clear expectations on both sides, and just doesn’t involve navigating the messiness of dating and hook-up apps.

4. Quality

Aside from convenience, privacy and guaranteed hygiene and cleanliness, there’s something else a Tinder hook-up just can’t guarantee: quality. Our girls are professionals, and they all know what they’re doing. We respect all our clients, make them feel comfortable and at home and really listen to what they’re looking for. The result is an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience that you really can’t get anywhere else!

So, if you’re looking for something intimate, exciting, high-quality and no strings attached when it comes to the bedroom, put down the phone and drop by for an experience you’ll never forget.