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Hot Japanese Women - Yours for the Taking

Take a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun without incurring the miles, and still experience the Geisha essence with hot Japanese women to wait on you with an easy smile that reaches their sexy slanted eyes.

Asian women have always made it to the list of the top ten most beautiful and desirable in the world, and men can all agree that Japanese women are in the top three spot, if not the number one. Depending on who you’re asking of course. But coming from the land of Geishas and the ancient Japanese art of tying, you can expect Japanese ladies to be more than just your average arm candy.

Skin like porcelain, delicate and warm to the touch. Hair that is black as night and silky to the feel. Curves and lines in the right places, which you would want to trace with your fingers.   

Their rich culture and ingrained attitude makes them desirable on a different level. They are devoted to entertaining men, especially Geishas or those trained as one. They can be docile and submissive, ready to give over control if that’s what it takes to make you come undone. But they can be anything else you desire. Just say the word.

Dressing up comes easily to them. Acting cute and shy is inherent. Being compliant is a natural trait.  

Strongly influenced by their culture, the time you spend with the hottest Japanese ladies Brisbane has to offer will be unlike any other. They’ll treat you in a way that you’ll keep saying “sugoi’’ all throughout.


Japanese escorts


Japanese Ladies in Brisbane

Cleos on Nile has an excellent selection of beautiful and desirable hot Japanese women that know one special thing: to serve men. For the geisha experience, Angel will know how to cater to your needs. But if you prefer petite and naughty ladies, Ivy> is the one for you.

 We guarantee a satisfying and unforgettable experience.

Our Japanese beauties will cater to your needs in our beautiful premises. Just be clear on exactly what you want and need and they’ll gladly oblige and help you live out your fantasies. Japanese women are known to please, entertain and give their all.

They offer high-quality services delivered in a discreet and professional manner. Choose from erotic relaxation to an erotic play best whispered in your ears and enjoyed in an environment that you’ve always dreamed of.

They speak your language and any other language you’d want to use in the kind of conversation you have in mind. The mouth isn’t just meant for talking, after all. And the body can express more things than words ever can.

Beautiful, delicate and amazing company. What more can you possibly ask for?

With the kind of exotic beauty and personality that is uniquely Japanese, however, you can be sure that you’ll get more than what you dare to ask for. You’re bound to want more too.

Cleos on Nile provides only the best Japanese ladies Brisbane has, with services you can enjoy in the comforts and privacy of a 5-star luxurious room. Enjoy her to the fullest. Experience the kind of company and sensual play only a Japanese woman can deliver.  

If you prefer any other type of women, look into our preferences!

Our Ladies

Brisbane Escorts Blonde Alana


Age 32
Bust D
Height 150cm
Dress 12
Brisbane Escorts Australian Alaska


Age 25
Bust B
Height 176cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts Coming Soon


Age 22
Bust B
Height 165cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts Australian Pin Up Vixen Alicia


Age 24
Bust C
Height 166cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts Platinum Blonde Amity


Age 24
Bust A
Height 155cm
Dress 4


Age 18
Bust C
Height 178cm
Dress 6
Brisbane Escorts Samoan Beauty Aria


Age 21
Bust B
Height 175cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts Blonde Babe Ashley


Age 23
Bust B
Height 170cm
Dress 10