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Manscaping… Just to tell you the clean truth!



If you know you’re going to get a little frisky, most of us prepare by going to some effort to make our offering as deliciously looking as a michelin star meal! Let's talk about Manscaping! Waxing, shaving, body polishing, tanning and plucking are just a few of the attempts that we ladies afflict on ourselves to impress and to get that sexy feeling flowing! Now needless to say the more you tend to this manicuring stuff the better you get at it! But this doesn't stop even the novice of us, giving it a go, this is where things can go dramatically wrong. We all have our horror story.....mine starts with a Brazilian wax done by an under experienced operator who put too much wax on my lip ( and not the one on my face) and couldn't get that wax to strip off. After a good few pulls, as though she was starting a lawn mower, I could take no more! At this point, scissors were bought into the operation to cut the wax off which then revealed a swollen shade of sexy purple, prickled skin. Needless to say, I didn't let her touch the other side. So that's how I left, one side..brush able, the other bruised, sore and half bare. There was no loving that night as I felt like that lip had gone to the rodeo and ridden the main event bull!

Working in a high class brothel in Brisbane called Cleos on Nile are some service providers that would like to weigh in on the subject of problems they have occurred with clients that have taken their hand to doing a little personal manscaping before coming in for a sexual interlude, which at times have seen the client declined for the service cause of some simple mistakes made. The ladies appreciate gentleman who take the time to make themselves extra presentable so here are some tips.

First one is not showering properly, and by this they mean...not pulling the cap back and cleaning his member! Now fellas this should be where any manscaping journey should start! If it smells off, then the sex is off! Remember this little piece of gold..... If it's cheesing, you won't get any pleasing.

Second one is not being careful when shaving. open wounds, no matter how small make the transfer of blood and fluid so much more possible, which is dangerous to both parties. It also doesn't help if there are nicks or red angry looking ingrown hairs around the activity zone as this can be interpreted as an STI. Nobody wants to get on that train!

So Gents be careful with that razor make sure the skin is taut before you start and trim first if you have a forest down there then get the razor out, use shaving cream and go against the grain of the hair but go slow and steady, you don't want to damage the crown jewels

Even safer is using clippers with a 1 blade on as you are less likely to get cuts or ingrown hairs if you do shave make sure you exfoliate to get rid of dead skin which helps stop ingrown hairs and makes your skin feel nice and smooth

Third one is not looking after sweat rash around the private parts when it starts to show. A little bit is ok but once it takes over like a world map it looks like thrush.

Fourth one is Nails. Cut them down and if you haven't then there is no entry!

Fifth one is to have good oral hygiene like the brushing the teeth cause really.... who wants to start without a kiss and we all know where a kiss can lead to! Plus your lips are going to be taking the tour and bad breath leaves a stain of stench on skin and the person’s nostrils.

All these little tips will make a massive difference in the bedroom. They will give your partner a better impression and respect for you over all and make your experience more fulfilling and less stressful. There's nothing worse than your partner stopping midway and telling you that they can't do this with you!