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Brothel etiquette 101: how to be the perfect client!


Here at Cleo’s we pride ourselves on being the best brothel in Brisbane, so it’s no surprise that we strive to offer an incredible experience every time a client steps through our doors. However, the relationship between our ladies and their clients is an interesting and multi-dimensional one, where trust is a two way street. So, we’ve decided to share our top tips on being the perfect client!

1: Keep it clean

We have luxurious shower facilities available, and it’s mandatory for all clients to shower before their desired experience. However, we also offer combs, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes to make your experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

2: Protection is the law, don’t try and get around it

Only safe sex is practised at Cleos On Nile, in accordance with Queensland legislation (Prostitution Act 1999/ Prostitution Act 2000). Condoms are always required when engaging in sexual acts at Cleo’s, so please don’t try and negotiate foregoing one. Not only will it make things uncomfortable (as the answer is always ‘No’), but you may even be asked to leave the premises.

3: Negotiate at the beginning, and stick to your agreement

We pride ourselves on providing impeccable service, and our ladies always strive to fulfil the desires you come to them with. However, these desires should be expressed in your initial meeting and negotiation with the lady you have chosen, making expectations clear on both sides of the equation. Once you’ve reached an arrangement, your enticing experience can begin! This agreement is what you need to stick to though - if you haven’t discussed doing something in particular with your chosen lady, then don’t assume it’s OK.

4: Be polite and civil

For n experience that’ll leave you blown away, your lady of choice needs to feel comfortable. Being polite, upfront and respectful is all that’s needed to put you on track for an unforgettable visit!

5: Respect and communication are important

Just because money is involved, doesn’t mean a client has the right to behave however they would like. The basic rules of human interaction and decency apply here just as they would anywhere else. In saying that, our girls will certainly show you the same respect! If you have uncertainties or questions, let us know! Communicating your needs and interests with us is important – it helps us give you the mind-blowing experience you’ve come to Cleos On Nile!

If you have any other protocol related questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – as Brisbane’s best brothel, Cleo’s has the answers. Client etiquette can seem a little tricky, but if you follow these tips you’re sure to be a favourite with our ladies and to have a great time!