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Inhouse Asian Escorts

Asian escorts are some of the most in demand intimate companions in the world. There are many Asian escorts available nowadays ranging from Asian fashion models to exotic Asian mature aged students who are offering sensual companionship to discerning gentlemen worldwide. Here’s Cleos on Nile’s top list of the hottest and most alluring Asian escorts today. There are plenty of reasons why gents prefer the petite dark-haired beauties and why they enjoy every moment they spent with them, inside and outside of the bedroom. If you are looking for a suave, smooth, stylish, intelligent and sophisticated woman, then look no further than Cleos on Nile Asian escorts. If you are looking for an inhouse escort in Brisbane, you had better go for the most beautiful, the most charming and the one who will make your stay there memorable for as long as you live like the ladies at Cleos on Nile.

The fascination for Asian women is nothing new. If you explore top brothels in Brisbane, you will find that Asian escorts in Brisbane are in high demand. The beauty of Asian women is not unknown; but with many other beautiful escorts to choose from, it raises the question as to why men prefer Asian escorts over others.

Why men prefer Asian escorts

Asian escorts

The exotic beauty of an Asian escort is a new experience for them. Hence, they can achieve a lot of sensual excitement especially when they spend private time with a sexy Asian escort. From their exotic sounding names, their dark eyes, raven dark hair and amazingly slim bodies, you will see why these women are the most sought after in the entire city of Brisbane. The beauty of Asian women is undeniable and very varied. For example, Japanese women are different from Filipina women in terms of facial features and beauty characteristics. This alone is what men might find attractive. The fact that Asian ladies look very different from one another, instead of being blonde lookalikes, is one reason men find them more sexually titillating. Some days, you could spend time with a petite Chinese and the next day you could be fooling around with an exotic beauty from Malaysia.

Another characteristic of Asian beauty is that most of them are naturally petite. A petite Asian woman will definitely look younger and more innocent. Of course, they might not be, especially when they are scantily clad in erotic lingerie. But the contradiction of a young and seemingly innocent face with a sexy outfit is very visually appealing to men.

Booking Asian Escorts

Where does your fancy lead you? Philippines? Thailand? Malaysia? Just say what you would like when you are making your advance booking and we can assure you that you will find the woman of your dreams waiting for you.

Some of them are petite, some are slim, some are a little curvier, some are tall; others are not so tall … and so forth. However, their common denominator is that they are all sexy Asian escorts. If you have always been fascinated by the orient, you have come to the right place. Cleos on Nile is the place where you will meet all the girls of your dreams and for a very affordable room hire fee, you will have the time of your life.

A few other Asian qualities from Asian escorts

For a long time, Asian women have been stereotyped as being submissive to their partners. Any man who has spent a night with an Asian escort will tell you otherwise. While they might accommodate your needs, they also like to take the steering wheel.

When it translates to the privacy of an in house room, Asian escorts know best. They will take control while responding to your every demand, keeping you on your toes. Men like it when a woman knows what she is doing. It is like a sexual role reversal – they become the submissive ones while the women are the dominant figures. Of course, each experience varies according to the escort you’re spending time with. Believe us, Asian women know how to handle a man in the bedroom.

Perhaps you desire a raunchy geisha girl like Angel? Or a sexy brunette like Ivy? Maybe you would be more interested in the talents of hot Eurasian escort Jennifer or of sensual brunette Eve. We can also offer you the services of the gorgeous Lilly, who loves to help men relax...

Would you like to fulfil your fantasy and hire an Asian inhouse escort in Brisbane? Cleos on Nile can help fulfil your dream in our five-star establishment. We cater to all of your preferences.

Our Ladies

Brisbane Escorts Blonde Alana


Age 32
Bust D
Height 150cm
Dress 12
Brisbane Escorts Australian Alaska


Age 25
Bust B
Height 176cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts Coming Soon


Age 22
Bust B
Height 165cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts Australian Pin Up Vixen Alicia


Age 24
Bust C
Height 166cm
Dress 10


Age 18
Bust C
Height 178cm
Dress 6
Brisbane Escorts Samoan Beauty Aria


Age 21
Bust B
Height 175cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts Blonde Babe Ashley


Age 23
Bust B
Height 170cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts Gorgeus Britney


Age 20
Bust DD
Height 160cm
Dress 8

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